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I would like to renew my domain.

  1. My domain has expired and can't be renew.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What difficulty are you having renewing it? Is it taken? How long has it been expired?

  3. It has been 97 days. Is it still possible for me to renew?

  4. If it's has reverted to the wild anyone can buy it - try buying it again - don't renew just buy from the start

    I will flag this for the staff to review you account and clear any expired upgrades

  5. So should i wait til the staff review the account or i can buy it again? how about all the settings and post i've made previously.. will it still be available or i need to copy it all? Thanks for ur prompt reply..

  6. Try and buy it again - if you have problems ask the staff for help here

    Is this your lost content?

  7. yes.. that is my last content.. can i juz purchased the domain and maintain the content?

  8. YES buy it. The same way you bought it in the beginning. From the dashboard of that blog.

  9. ok.. thanks a lot ya...

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