I would like to report a blog for homophobia.

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    I recently read this blog-post and comments relating to the article. http://kushiteprince.wordpress.com/category/homosexual-agenda/
    I am very disappointed to not be able to find a viable method of reporting a blog for racist / homophobia etc. Why not? This is not a self-hosted blog and therefore WordPress should take some responsibility for content it allows to be blogged. Other hosting websites, such as Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter monitor and intervene when its users preach hate. Is there no such monitoring system on WordPress?
    Blog url: http://thecultrejectfactory.wordpress.com/



    You can report it via http//abuse/wordpress.com or similar. In any case, I have flagged this thread for staff attention.

    Note that Wp.com are staunch advocates of free speech and will onlly intervene if it spills over to hate speech.



    Hi there,

    I have gone ahead and marked the blog as mature content–this will prevent it from being available in some general audience sources.

    As @raincoaster indicated, WordPress.com does make every effort to support free speech, including free speech for those whose opinions we may not condone. The report blog documentation sums our principles up nicely:

    Please be aware that WordPress.com has a vast audience spread across many cultures, countries and backgrounds with varying values. We do take all views and reports seriously, but you must understand that reporting a blog will not always result in it being removed. The right to free speech and opinion is always respected, and we will not remove content simply because you may find it offensive or disturbing. If a blog is publishing offensive content with which you do not agree, we recommend starting a blog and speak your own mind on the subject. You will be granted the same rights.

    You can read more about our freedom of speech policy here.




    I am interested in and realise the importance of free speech, recognising that it is a human right and a medium by which expression is made, however, it does paradoxically entangle with other laws specifically, in the UK at least, with hate speech. There is a fine line between allowing pockets of individuals to develop and publicise their ideas and philosophies specifically targeting minorities, such as gays, races and ethnic groups that will be seen, read and grow without hindrance – and speech that divides communities and incites hatred, whether encouraging violence or not. I understand and, to some extent, agree with your philosophy on freedom of speech – but I am also wary that too many people use this term to defend that which is hurtful to others, having seen the devastation it causes.

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