I would like to transfer names over to insearchofgod.com

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    I want to buy a domain name insearchofgod.com to match the display name. (I am not sure if I should change the user name from my own name or not?)

    I tried to purchase this but when an offer came up for a $99 bundle including the domain name and mapping, it was not clear if privatisation (on whoisdomain) was included in the $99.

    When I went to pay by Paypal it kept toggling between $26 which was the original cost, and $99 for the bundle and I could not get out of going from one to the other as it was repeatedly saying that the amounts did not tally.

    Please could you confirm:

    1. Does the $99 include privatisation?
    2. I have changed the display name, but should I change my user name as well in user settings?
    3. How can I change all the URLs from the original endtimesinformation?
    4. If $99 is the cost for all, how can I pay it?

    Please let me know.

    Blog url: http://endtimesinformation.wordpress.com/



    Sorry I started out with a helpline form, and thought that it is where it would be going but right at the end when it came to sending, saw that it was going to community support with no other option available. I thought even though they had abolished the helpline it was still operative for upgrades, but apparently not? It is not very ethical of WordPress not to provide support even for upgrades, but it looks like they don’t?

    I would be grateful if anyone could help.

    Thank you.

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