I would like two VodPod widgets. How can that happen?

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    For the pruposes of my site. I really need either two VodPod widgets or the ability to run video (ala Youtube, etc.) in my sidebar. Is this already possible? If not, how do I submit this request?



    It’s come up a couple times already in the forums. (For reference, dropping ‘Vodpod’ into the search bar pulled that right up as the second hit) Currently this is not an option. Best bet would be to submit a feedback and make this suggestion while providing the reasoning behind it. Feedback link is at the upper right corner of all backend pages.

    One issue though is that since it’s javascript driven, many older browsers (ie6 and Netscape 7.1) have issues with running multiple dupicate javascripts on the same page. It’s one of the reasons why we always suggest putting YouTube embeds after the more tag within a post.

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