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I would like very much to read your Blog

  1. I'm not a big fan of swearing in blogs, but I admit...I do from time to time use the four letter words if it is relevant and doesnt make me appear "sailorish" I guess if it serves a purpose it's okay but if it's someone who just doesn't know how to string a sentence together without the swear words, I will move along to something else.

    As far as organization, if I cant find what I'm looking for without scrolling and searching I move on. Also, if theres things moving on the page or anything flying ..forget it; that distracts me from the blog. I like to read stuff that entertains me but if the page I'm reading is unorganized, moving, or has serious gramatical issues I tend to lose interest, even if it was entertaining. The black background with white font is okay but I won't use it on my blog because I agree with some of the other's hard to read after a while.

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