I wrote a blog entry. I now want to have that blog entry in a page, exclusively.

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    I’ve got five pages. One is “GAMING”.
    The blog post is about gaming so I would like it to be displayed in GAMING only.

    How do I do that? I’ve searched hours now and can’t find it. Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is sobookwood.wordpress.com.



    Hello ,
    We looked into your site sobookwood.wordpress.com

    Do you want to Post Blogs in the Gaming section of your website only?

    Please provide us details further , so we can help you with it .
    Hope to hear soon.




    pavanraheja, sorry for not responding quickly..
    Thanks for your reply though!

    Yes, I want to post specific blog posts only to one specific section…

    For example…

    Gaming related blog posts -> “GAMING”

    Brand Management related blog posts -> “BRAND MANAGEMENT”

    and so on…

    I’ve wandered in the UI for hours and couldnt find the option to do so.. Is there a way..?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi @sobookwood,
    You need to setup category pages to do that. And then add the link to the category pages using custom menus.

    Read more about setting up a category page here:

    Read more about custom menus here:

    Hope this helps :)



    Hello ,

    Yeah you took a long time to provide us further details ..! Anyways , so yeah its very easily possible ,
    Firstly create categories of the type of Posts you want , like gaming, inspiration , fashion chronicles , use this information to do so

    Secondly connect the categories to the respective pages , use this information to do so

    That page explains how WordPress takes the categories you assign to your posts (Gaming, inspiration, etc.) and builds a page for each one, automatically. It also shows you how to add those category pages to you menu.

    Thirdly now when you Post just make sure you choose the correct category example Gaming should be chosen when you publish a post under Gaming section. The Posts should appear in the Gaming Category Page of your Website.

    Also additionally incase you want to have Sub Category posts as well in the future example Gaming–>PS Games,, App games etc..
    You can use this information to create Sub Categories too

    Just assign a category to the Sub Menu and the Posts will appear under the specific Sub-Menu .

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need any further information. Would be happy to help.

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