Iceburgg Theme and Smilies Not Converting

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    I recently switched themes and in some of my posts the smilies aren’t converting. Posts in November and December are not converting but posts prior to that are. Any ideas or suggestions on how I can fix this?

    What I have done:
    *Ensured that the smilie converting box is ticked
    *Unticked that box, saved options, then reticked the box,saved options
    *Put spaces before and after the smilies in those posts which aren’t converting
    *Read the FAQ and other Forum topics pertaining to
    smilies, themes, aliens from deep space :)



    smilies converting isn’t affected by themes (themes affect how the images display, but not the existence of said images). best bet is to send in feedback once support opens again.



    It’s strange actually as the smiley I saw in this post has been converted to it’s ASCII code. (OK, it’s not ASCII but I can’t think of the name)

    Did they work earlier? These posts weren’t imported from elsewhere, were they?

    That is rather strange…



    I can’t say whether or not the smilies worked earlier because I hadn’t posted in awhile. My best guess is that the last time they worked was the post before the one in November. And nope, the posts weren’t imported. They were written in the wordpress post box directly.

    I appreciate the help!

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