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    I have checked faq and searched forum to no avail.

    My question is – is it possible to get my blog verified on icerocket blog tracker. You have to insert some code onto your page. I have done this, in a text widget, but it didn’t work. I am thinking that it is because it is java=script (?) which you can’t use on wordpress.

    I emailed icerocket and they said to try to insert it into the footer template as invisible counter. I don’t think I have got one of those and I don’t suppose it would solve the problem anyways.

    Any suggestions appreciated (bearing in mind that I am not that literate in all this!). Or is it simply that it is not possible to get on ‘icerocket’ with wordpress.

    cheers, keener



    Unfortunately you hit a number of problems doing what Ice Rocket suggest:

    1. We can’t use javascript, as you’ve already noted.
    2. We can’t edit anything to do with our themes. This is because we are on a shared platform and any changes you make to the theme for yourself would affect everybody using that theme. The footer is there and defined, we just can’t change it.

    I don’t think you’ll be able to get icerocket working with





    If you feel like it, you can suggest that they use an image instead. While the javascript would give you more information, you would be able to get at least some via the image. And, from a quick look at this demo, all it looks like is that they’re recording just hits and not much else.

    Sitemeter may work for you as well and that’s just an image that they put into the sidebar.

    Hope this helps,



    drmike – I emailed the support of Icerocket months back about an image; because their script didn’t work. Unfortunately there’s a language-barrier problem LOL They responded back to me, but it was in some slavic language. I tried uploading it into google translate, but it came out as gibberish. It was the owner of the program, as I don’t think they have a lot of staff. It’s a great service, and hopefully – someday – I’ll be able to figure out how to communicate with them :)



    Can you paste the message in here? Maybe someone at WordPress can translate.



    LOL, I’ll see if I can find it. I got that message when I first moved to WordPress. That was over a month ago. But I’ll take a looksie :)



    Wow! I actually saved it, and that’s not usually like me. Woohoo!

    В ответ на Ваш запрос : я думаю, мы даем код является HTML-версия :) Вы не хотите вставить его в любое место внутри корпуса тег . Фотографии девушек. Вы не хотите сценарий. спасибо. — Юрий Смольский.



    In response to your demand: I think, we give the code it appears HTML- version:) You do not want to put tag it into any place inside the housing. Photographs of girls. You do not want the scenario of thanks. – Yuri smol’skiy.

    Translation via



    Sorry about the link. I guess that’s spamming, didn’t think about it, just copied/pasted :)



    LOL on google translate it says:

    In response to your inquiry : I think we code is the version) : You do not want to insert it in any place inside the tag. Photos girls. You do not want to script. Thanks. — Yuri Smolski.

    I think that he didn’t understand my inquiry, which is too bad :(


    cheers guys – i think i’ll give ice=rocket a miss! lol. I’m gonna check out sitemeter.


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