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Icerocket can't find RSS

  1. When I try to manually add my blog ( to Icerocket I get a message that it is unable to find the XML feed for this URL. It happens with both the blog's URL and the RSS feed URL (

    Similarly, even though Icerocket says they can automatically make tags out of WordPress categories, it doesn't seem to be working. It does work when I manually put the tag HTML into the post, so Icerocket is indexing the blog. The auto-tagging business works off of the categories in the RSS feed, so that's what makes me think that Icerocket is having trouble with the RSS feed from my blog.

    Has anybody figured out how to get around this? The problem was posted by someone else in forums several months ago without any resolution. Could it be that Icerocket is expecting a URL to a file, for example or something like that?

    I have emailed Icerocket's support as well but I thought someone here might have a quick answer.

  2. Your feed looks fine, it's probably a problem with Icerocket.

  3. Strange. I can't get claimed either and I see a couple of threads over at the support forums for this issue as well.

    Won't take mine either but it has been indexing my backup blog and a few random WP blogs that I host are in there as well.

    I dropeed them an email. Hopefully they're better than technorati and actually reply.


  4. HOLY S%&*! Less than three minutes.

    Mike the problem is on our end. We are doing some server work and have the add your blog feature turned off at the moment. I will add it myself. Thanks for using.

  5. Note from Icerocket says they'll add in radial as well.

    Hope this helps,

    Now where's that person who said contacting people never helped deal with an issue....

  6. Thanks for the help, they never did reply when I emailed them.

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