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icons above post box

  1. the icons above the post box on my "write post" page is not as the icons displayed on this FAQ page:

    They were like this in the beginning when I created my weblog but now there are html buttons instead like: b, i, link, b-quote, del, ins, img, and so on...

    I've searched high and low in my options page because I'd like to change the html buttons back to the more user-friendly icons... Can anyone help me??

  2. here's another page of the FAQ that will help you:

    It's most likely the second thing they list that will fix the problem. That box gets unchecked sometimes for no apparent reason.

  3. funny I didn't stumble upon that page... my fault!

    but always nice see a FAQ for once with answers to questions actually posed.

    thanks judyb12

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