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    While testing my new site, I came across a strange problem that only seems to occur on certain devices. The icons for social links (Facebook, Google+, etc.) display correctly on my Windows desktop and my Android phone, but not on my Samsung tablet running Android. Instead of displaying the images, all I see are some grey circles. They seem to work when you tap them, but there’s no way to tell which is which, until you actually tap them. I don’t know if it’s relevant (I haven’t tried this using other themes), but I’m using the latest version (as of a few days ago) of Orvis. Has anyone else seen this problem?

    The blog I need help with is cuartooscurosite.wordpress.com.


    Hey @dfkettle,

    I just tried the website on my Android device and it seems like the social icons are showing up ok: https://ibb.co/msqBCb

    Could you tell me what version of Android and browser are you using? Is it possible to upgrade them?

    Have a great one,



    It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. I’m not sure which version of Android it’s running, but I think it’s a browser issue anyway. I installed Chrome and the icons display correctly. But on the browser that came pre-installed, they don’t. I don’t know the name of the browser, either. It just says “Internet”, and there’s no “About” or “Help” button to indicate its origin. But I’ve installed all the updates provided by Samsung. I don’t think I’m going to worry too much about it. I’ll ask some friends to try my site on their devices to see if the problem is more wide-spread, though. Thanks for your help.



    I can see Samsung Tab 4 has been released a while back and the stock browser from that time might not be a good choice for today’s web technologies. Instead, I recommend going for a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox.




    Yes, that’s what I did, and it works for me. But I don’t have any control over what browsers my visitors use. I can recommend that they use an up-to-date browser, but as long as everything works on Chrome, Firefox and IE, I don’t think I’ll bother. Hopefully I won’t have too many visitors using older, incompatible browsers. I always find it annoying when I visit a web site that tells me I have to use a particular browser. And it’s a relatively minor problem anyway.



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