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Icons have vanished on "write post" page

  1. For the last 15 hours, when I try to write a post, I have no icons in that window: no "hyperlink" icon, no "insert image" icon, no "block indent," no "edit in html." They're all gone, and I can't blog without them. Is the problem at my end, or at WordPress's?

  2. I have the same issue as well with, so you .. sorry we are not alone :)

  3. It's back! Just the links not working. I was beginning to think that i'd messed up :P happened just after i'd imported a blog from blogger and was updating it.

  4. Back for you ujwala, but not for me. I'm still facing a blank screen (in all useful ways) when I try to post. Bummer. I'll keep checking back here to so if anyone has ideas or information.

  5. I've got an update. WordPress is working in Explorer, but not in Firefox, which is my preferred interface. Any ideas?

  6. Mine works in neither firefox nor IE.

  7. Do a force reload. (Shift + Reload button)

  8. At least now I know I am not alone. I have nothing with IE or Firefox.

  9. I had click reload several times to no effect, but when I finally reloaded using the F5 key they came back. Whew!

  10. F5 is another way of doing a force reload.

    In the future, we're going to try to version our javascript updates (used for the editor and other things) in a way that will avoid the caching problems. As a general rule, if you see things missing from the admin or displaying in a "funky" manner, try a force reload to make sure your browser gets the latest stuff. If that doesn't help, send a feedback to let us know something is amiss. We appreciate the feedback we get and recognize that providing it is time taken out of your day to help us make things better.

  11. The solution which is being repeated around the forum is:

    1. Go to the write page/post page or edit page/post.

    2. Then in the area where you normally write your post. rightclick with your mouse.

    3. The icons/rich text editor should now come back.

    This worked for me and a few others.

    Joseph Cheng

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