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    I would like to use a clean theme like simpla or white as milk. The problem is that none of the themes I would like to use are translated correctly. Most of them are not translated at all. I think it must be possible to develop a theme that has icons in stead of words. Simpla is halfway: it uses icons and could do without the English explanations. It would need some extra icons for the comments page. The date could be just in numbers. If a theme like this would be developed – icons instead of words – I’m sure many wordpress users would benefit from it: a theme that can be used in any language you can imagine! I have given this a thought and I’m sure it is possible by means of creating icons. (To give an example: the send button on the comments page could be an envelope with an arrow) I am not skilled to develop a theme like this but I do hope someone is taking up the challenge.
    I would be very happy with a simple theme with an option to add a lot of pages (like simpla or white as milk or the journalist)and icons in stead of English words and I’m sure I’m not the only one.



    There are some already being used on independent WP blogs, but they are more difficult to navigate. I’m using one here:

    If you know enough CSS, it should be possible to replace the text with images and so adapt virtually any theme to an all-icon setup. But first you’ve got to be pretty handy with both CSS and information architecture.



    Tanks for your reply. Unfortunately I don’t know any CSS. I guess I’m hoping for an icon based theme popping up on the theme page of wordpress.com, since I do believe it would be a solution for many. Although I do realize it will be quite a bit of work.



    You can help translating almost anything on: http://translate.wordpress.com



    I did help to translate, but as far as I understood the translation project will not be effective soon. An icon based theme could be a solution.

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