Icons lose quality when I upload them to media library

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    I am at my wit’s end. I have decided to learn WordPress and have been going at it for two weeks.

    I try to combine my HTML and CSS knowledge with building a WordPress website. I am more of a web designer, not really someone with an extensive knowledge of code.

    Anyway, I have uploaded several icons to my site. They displayed well at first, but after messing with the text widget (using HTML code to display social media icons) all my icons have degraded in quality.

    Everytime I upload a high res icon to my media library, I lose quality. I can’t use the icons like this.

    I use a child theme for the site, but haven’t touched the CSS since I have started filling up the pages with images and text.

    http://www.pixeldotwebdesign.com/ this is what the icons look like now.

    I would like to add in images using the text widget as well, and I am not sure what goes wrong :(! It all happened after using HTML code combined with the text widget, I have uploaded 18 images so far, most of them pretty low res. The icons I upload are all .PNG, they just seem te lose quality after uploading.

    Your help is greatly appreciated :)!





    P.S. it also looks like the problem might be with the original file. They don’t display well in the folder on my computer as well. I might have to redesign them then…

    Or is it WordPress?


    It looks like you are using WordPress but you are not hosted here at WordPress.com. I would suggest posting in the self-hosted WordPress.org forum for the Twenty Twelve theme.

    For general questions the self-hosted version of WordPress, you can post in the main WordPress.org forums.

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