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Icons Not Showing Up

  1. I just started using the Andreas09 template for my business blog (elitevas). But now when I write a post, I don't have the normal icons to choose from (Indent, Bullets, Links, etc.). Instead, my icons are HTML icons.

    When I was using a different template, there were two tabs I could choose, one that had the normal icons and one where I could choose to use the codes. Now all I have are the codes (or HTML icons), whatever you want to call it.

    Can someone tell me what's going on and if I can get my normal icons back? I saw in the FAQ something about Ctl F5 but that didn't do it. Any other suggestions? Or is it because of the template I'm using?

    Vickie Turley

  2. Sometimes when WordPress is doing something behind the scenes your editor gets switched over to the HTML one. You just have to go back to Dashboard---->Users-->Your Profile and tick the little box.

  3. plz refresh ur login id

  4. Thank you, raincoaster. That took care of it! You're great!

  5. You're welcome! Glad it was easy.

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