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Icons with Text

  1. I am trying to add text next to each icon. I would like the icons to appear in a vertical row with the name of the platform in text to the right of the icon.
    Here is the code I have for the icons only.
    <ul class="social">

  2. <i class="icon-s-linkedin"></i>
  3. <i class="icon-s-facebook"></i>
  4. <i class="icon-s-twitter"></i>
  5. <i class="icon-s-pinterest"></i>
  6. <i class="icon-s-instagram"></i>
  • <ul class="social">

  • <i class="icon-s-linkedin"></i>
  • <i class="icon-s-facebook"></i>
  • <i class="icon-s-twitter"></i>
  • <i class="icon-s-pinterest"></i>
  • <i class="icon-s-instagram"></i>
  • pmciano


    This issue is being addressed via another support request:

    Please direct further correspondence there.

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