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i'd like to have a new email with my domainname

  1. hi,

    does anyone know if its possible to get an email [email redacted] at i already have a domain for my blog at wordpress. does it cost anything?


  2. If you want a lisa (at) then that'd be a no. All wordpress emails are for the wordpress company use only as far as I know. If they allowed people to have a wordpress email the assumption of others is that they are a member of wordpress staff representing the company. If you buy a domain name like then of course you can have any email you wish like lisa (at) or ladylisa (at)

    Oh, and posting the same question twice in separate threads is not good form.

  3. Not if it's a blog that's hosted at I have, but I can't have any emails to [email redacted]. That is a service WordPress does not provide.

  4. Try Windows Live.

  5. Is there a reason why we have two threads on this topic?

    Windows Live wouldn't work. Winterheim, you're doing domain forwarding and not really using your domain the way the poster is.

  6. The domain mapping upgrade now includes email. See:
    The last of these confirms that I've tried the new feature, and that it does seem to be working for me.

  7. That's pretty cool.

  8. roadsofstone26

    Works for me, too - like a dream.

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