I’d like to make my Lily smaller

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    Hello, Friday night snackers,

    Listen, my Lily masthead is too large. It overpowers my text. What if I opened and resized the original, using my photo-editing software, and then re-uploaded it? Then I’d get more of the Lily and greenery surrounding, too.



    In a post you mean? If so you can resize it using html code; for ex, the original lily is 800×600 pixels and is to be srunk half-sized you can use this
    <img src="url_of_lily" width="400px" height="300px" />



    No, she said the masthead. Just resize it and upload it again, making sure you change the name of the file.


    That’s what I figured. Thank you, will do it! Jan


    Hey, Vivian, I tried this and it didn’t work. I re-sized by about twenty percent smaller and re-saved with a different name (in Saint Paint) and uploaded but the crop gave me exactly the same choice as I have now. I tried it twice, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t screw up the same thing twice, of course.

    This is hardly urgent, thank heavens!


    That makes sense, because it’s essentially the same image that has to be adjusted to the same available area. What you need is not a smaller image but a smaller flower in relation to the overall dimensions of the image. Make a copy of your original, make it all black or whatever exactly the backround color is, then paste a scaled-down version of your original on it.


    Thanks! Don’t think this’ll work for my particular picture (no one background color, great detail), but it’s good info for the future. Nice of you guys to all help!

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