I'd Like to remove my page header text from the top of each page?

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    I just upgraded my account to get custom design on my site, but am not sure how to remover the header text on the top of each of my pages. I hope i can figure this out today as i may cancel my upgrade if this can’t be changed.


    The blog I need help with is chrismhmoore.com.


    You are talking about the page title itself, which appears in orange at the top of the content? If so, add this to your custom CSS:

    .page .entry-title {
    display: none;


    Okay great thanks that worked, but now there is still a space at the top of each page. I’d like to have even spacing. for example if you go to the Mahmoud page under Portfolio, you can see the uneven spacing at the top that i mean. How would I fix that?

    Another question.. I’d like to continue to use the default fonts but adjust the sizing of the site title under my picture in the top left corner. I can if i change the font but i’d rather the default font used in my theme. How can i fix that?


    Try this first. It balances with the side white space.

    .site-content article {
    padding-top: 0.3em;


    That looks great!

    Any luck with the site title sizing? You can see that the space on the right of it is greater then the left where as id like the right to be the same as the left. Increasing the orange title font to accommodate would work, then id ad more slashes below to also accommodate.


    Sorry, missed that. Since the title and tagline are below a round image, I think the easiest way to handle that is to center both of them.

    .site-title, .site-description {
    text-align: center;


    Okay I will try that, but now for some reason that round image has gone missing?? Not sure why??



    Nevermind I figured the picture issue out.

    That aligning worked somewhat, but the space between the round picture to the edge doesn’t match the space the site titles’. Id really like to enlarge its size to match the spacing, also id like to make the headings (dates) on my news page to be smaller retaining the default font. Any ideas?


    The site title/description elements are the same width of the image, it is just that the text strings aren’t as long as the picture is wide. You could add letter spacing to get them equal, but that is fraught with problems since each browser will render things slightly differently and it could (probably will) cause more problems than it would cure – at least with some browsers. Also if someone tweaks their browser text preferences, or has a + zoom level set, things can go seriously wonky.

    On the dates, add this and edit as desired:

    .entry-content h3 span {
    font-size: 80% !important;


    Hi thanks a lot.

    Not sure whats going on but my image in the top left over my site title is showing up as a missing link?


    It is showing up fine for me. Did you get this sorted out?


    Whoops, a cache clear and it disappeared. This file, http://chrismhmoore.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/copy-chrismhmoore.gif , which is the one set in your CSS as the image, is being reported by WordPress as missing. Check your media library and see if that file exists? Did you possibly update the file and upload a new one? If so, WordPress will not replace the existing file, it will append a number to the end of the file name. You might have to upload the file again, or “choose” it from the media library as your header image.



    Im not sure how to assign it as the header image? I dont have the the same option as i did before when i uploaded it originally in the ‘Customize’ section. File name does change when i re-upload, is there any way to change the file name once its uploaded?

    Id also like to move the header image up to be even with the sides of it.


    You will have to upload it as a header and insert it again. You can try going to appearance > header and see if the old header uploader page comes up, which I’m pretty sure allows you to select an image from your media library.



    hey hey! It worked :) Getting the hang of things here a bit better.

    But still not sure of a few things. lol im having spacing issues on a few pages, basically id like to give each piece in my portfolio more space on their pages. Currently im trying do hard return in my edit page or entering   commands in text, but they dont stay?

    Can you recommend anything i can do to do the trick?


    @chrismhmoore, can you start a new help request for separate issues? Otherwise, it’s easy for questions to get lost if the post gets marked as resolved and you reply to it after that.


    I’d like to give each piece in my portfolio more space on their pages. Currently im trying do hard return in my edit page or entering commands in text, but they dont stay?

    If you’re working with page content, you can add extra space using the HTML editor. Example:

    <img style="padding-top: 3em;" src="YOUR_URL" />

    Or you can do it with the CSS editor if it will be the same for every portfolio page and you can find a common selector to use. Find the outside element for the thing you want to add space above (i.e. an image or a gallery) and add some CSS similar this except replace YOUR_SELECTOR with the selector for whatever you’re trying to add space to:

         padding-top: 3em;

    Adjust the 3em value as needed.

    If you need help finding what selector to use, reply and link to an example page.

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