I’d like to see all of my prior posts on my sideabar? Possible?

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    I tried playing with the widgets and editing them to show all my posts on the sidebar of my blog.

    It only seems to want to list them by month. I have about 25 posts so far and usually they are pretty long so there is room over there.

    I don’t understand how someone visiting my blog would be able to find my other posts without clicking on each month to see what else i have written about. (and i can’t imagine anyone doing that)

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Listing all the posts you’ve written quickly becomes very unwieldy. A better way to help visitors find their way around is to use categories and/or tags. That way a visitor can quickly find all the posts they’re interested in.



    Also, it would be more helpful to link your username to your blog so that volunteers in the forums can see what it looks like and make better suggestions.



    Also – your blog will add an “Older Posts” link at the bottom of your pages. This will lead visitors to the rest of your blog posts.



    if you don’t mind taking the Time you can make an index Page…
    Its is just the links in an unorganized list.

    However roclarke gives the best advice. Organized Categories and Tags will give you more readers and more access over time. Its called Navigation, or Site mapping


    Note that an index page doesn’t take that much time really; you open two windows in your browser, go to your blog’s main page in the one, to your visual page editor in the other, drag-and-drop post titles to page editor.



    Thanks everyone, i will try the index page first.
    Sorry i forgot the link to my blog, it is at: fiddlehead.wordpress.com

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