ID selector shows up as plain text

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    My ID selector <div id=”> shows up as texts in my posts and will not let me edit through css. Am I doing something wrong

    The blog I need help with is


    Can you point me to a place where this is happening? It can even be a draft post and I can look at that.


    Also, are you entering your div in the Visual editor, or in the Text tab in the editor?



    The text tab.



    When I looked at your post in your post editor and switched to the text tab, this is what I saw for the opening div. If you copied and pasted from a rich text editor, it would have used different coded angle brackets. I went ahead and fixed it for you since I was there anyway.

    <div id="Intro">

    [edit: well the angle brackets were converted here in the forums so my example above doesn’t show what I saw.]


    Next time you add a div, type it into the text tab and then switch back to the visual editor and then back to the text tab and make sure the opening and closing angle brackets, and the slash remain as <, /, and >. Please let us know if they do not.

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