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    I was checking out the tag surfer today, and topping the list was this post… my tag surfer picked it up because one of the tags was “Bible,” but there were also about ten tags expressing some pretty severe adult content on this post.

    I would like to propose that there would be an option with the tag surfer to filter the search results, so it wouldn’t display blogs with adult content if the user chooses to block them. Or simply another box, like the “subscribed tags” where the user can custom-define tags they want to block. So I could subscribe to tags that had “Bible” in the topic, but block any of those blogs that also have tags like “erotic” etc.

    For what it’s worth. Thanks!



    Actually blogs set as mature shouldn’t be in there already since they’re not in the tag system. The blog you’re looking at is probably not been tagged as such. I would send in a feedback with a link to the URL of the blog that you had an issue with.

    The filtering issue has come up before, usually though concerning language and only seeing posts of the language that you have your own blog set as.

    And feel free to send in a feedback with your suggestion. I got to admit that while I see it as doable myself, I think there would be too many false positives. I’ve got a book on my own bookcase concerning the hidden erotical messages and stories listed within the bible. It’s rather thin but it is there.


    Oh I’m aware that there are some… uh… juicy parts in the Bible, and I can totally handle that, but once it’s come through a highly creative imagination and put on the internet–yeah. A bit frightening. :)

    Thanks for your reply, though; it’s good to know that there’s already a filter in place. If the site is still up on my tag surfer I’ll go ahead and report it as mature. I still think being able to custom-define a filter might be fun… i.e., display sites with the tag “writing” but filter out the results that also have “novel,” or whatever you like. I see your concern about false positives, though.

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