Idea for using hot links and graphics in blogs

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    I have actually two blogs, one in science and one in music.

    For each of the blogs, I want to put into the body of the post as many links to original sites or referenced sites as possible. Also, I like to use a lot of graphics – pictures.

    Fortunately, I started my blogging life using two Gecko browsers, Firefox and SeaMonkey. In both cases, it is really simple to do what I want to do.

    Recently, I tried to accomplish the same things using two Webkit browsers, Safari and Chrome, and one Trident browser, IE9. I found that I just could not get it done anywhere near as neatly. IE could handle the graphics, but not the links. Safari and Chrome were just unusable.

    So, this is just an idea note to anyone who would like to do what I am doing and have it go really smoothly.

    To see my results with the Gecko browsers, just check the ScienceSprings or MusicSprings blog.

    And, hey, if anyone can help me to make the others more usable, I would appreciate knowing about it.

    The blog I need help with is

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