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  1. I need an idea for a blog. I had one, but then I figured out it wouldn't work, I don't think I could pull it off. And besides, it was centered around fashion, and fashion isn't really my thing anyway. Any thoughts?

  2. If you don't have an idea, you don't have enough to build a blog on.

  3. do a blog about a lack of ideas.....and chocolate cake.

  4. Random thoughts, things that piss you off, funny pictures, funny videos, why you hate your family

  5. Pluck something out of the air, I did a brief article on how the salvation army started and it got a thousand hits in just over a week

  6. If you don't have an idea, why do you want a blog?

  7. punkrockgirl - your name says it all - do a blog about punk and the society we would live in if punk were the norm. :)

  8. Here's a perfect topic for you.

    Trash that people throw away or kick to the curb.

    See how that could involve many things....

  9. Create a blog about what you're always interested in. I'm interested in language, Javanese cultures and tradition, and I made just a week ago. I never really cared about traffic. One reader or two is enough for me. Though so, I already hit 150 views in a week. I know that's nothing, but to me, it's a big surprise.

  10. Here's an idea: cat pictures with funny capshuns...I mean, captions. Everybody loves cat pictures >_>

  11. write from the heart. i've read somewhere is like therapy, only cheaper. maybe you could write about issues that are bothering you.

  12. ...i did...

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