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Ideas for song choices????

  1. We'll me and my boyfriend are strengthing our long distance relationship by blogging love songs to one another. Got any good ideas for some love songs?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. stressingoutstudent

    Make You Feel My Love - Adele
    Everything - Michael Bublé
    L.O.V.E. - Frank Sinatra and/or Michael Bublé
    As Time Goes By (from Casablanca)
    Two Cups of Coffee - Josh Kelley

    Also, if you Google "love songs," you can find a lot of good ones.

  3. Please take down the lyrics of those songs off your site. It's a copyright issue. WP will close down your blog. By law, you are allowed to use a line or two from a song and/or link people to an approved site where the lyrics are, but you cannot post the lyrics on your blog.

  4. Actually, if you credit them, it's fine.

  5. Actually, it’s not.

    I suggest you reread the Terms of Service:

    WP explains music/song copyrights here:

    Am now reporting this website to WP.

  6. Report away: staff have pointed to posts on my blog that include both lyrics and videos as examples of great blog posts.

    Unless staff receive a report from the copyright holder, it's unlikely they'll take down the blog. It does contain original content and opinions, and from the looks of things the lyrics are fan-generated. There's no rule against writing down what you hear.

  7. RC, you’re so predictable.

    It's true that since I’m not the artist or copyright owner, I have no legal rights to having stolen songs taken off somebody's site. The only person that has that legal right is the artist or copyright holder. So *technically,* a song can be stolen and posted on a blog and not be forced to come down --unless WP or the artist/copyright owner chooses to have them taken down.

    But that doesn’t make it legal. By law, it’s considered theft; illegal and unethical.

    Songs, poetry, films, etc. are protected by US copyright law. By law, a song is considered “intellectual property.” The law clearly states that “fair use” policy allows for a segment of intellectual property to be placed on a blog, website, article, etc. It is legal to post a small portion of the song. It is illegal to copy an entire song. The law does not write special provisions for songs, poetry, films, etc. This means they all fall under US copyright law.

    Complete version of US copyright law:

    Simple version:\

  8. Um well we won't from now on okay.....thanks for the advice I guess

  9. That was a nice response. In my experience, most people respond this way. It's just the occassional dingbat that purposely acts disrespectful. You do have the legal right to post a small segment of a song on your blog. The rule of thumb is no longer than a line or two, or a verse. And it's always good to name the artist.

    "At Last," by Ella Fitzgerald:
    At last, my love has come along
    My lonely days are over and life is like a song
    Oh yeah

    Ella must have been in a long distance relationship... Any song that came out in 1922 or earlier is in the 'public domain' -this means there is no copyright on these older songs and you are free to use them in their entirety on your blog.

  10. yeah we were naming artists, songs, and lyrical websites. thanks for the tip. check out the blog lol

  11. Thanks but I'm about as interested in long-distance relationships as I am in cardboard!

  12. strawberryindigo

    I hear Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" is supposed to be a very romantic song.

  13. Ummm that really nice to say to someone... @gigisanchez
    Thanks! @strawberryindigo

  14. Sorry but I remember it being real boring. I sure hope those songs start to work. LDR don't have a real high statistics rate. :-(

  15. Here's a couple i like:

    I'm taking you with me - Relient K
    Must have done something right - Relient K

    This artist is good, hope you like these two.

  16. Awww thanks lordcelticguardin :)
    Umm...thanks for that vote of confidence @gigisanchez

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