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Ideas to expose myself! hahaha NO PUN!

  1. hi,
    I am into chapter 58 of my autobiography of an ongoing journey on "", ( a life in the day /lotuseker), thru my life

    in this time around. I am egocentric enough to want to tell my life story. I want people to laugh, cry , hate, love. I feel my life is

    worth reading and sharing. I,m an old fart and wish to live forever in the ETHERNET(!) before I leave this mortal coil...........

    . Can anyone direct me to a proper site to get max post exposures? hell, maybe even a book deal! hahaha Crap, there's

    already a movie out there about what I did 20 years befor the movie came out! ( duce bigalo, american gigalo), . I did that at

    the age of 20 in ROME! hahaha. I know I am rambling!. Give me this boon. I Don't want a "MINI ME", (don't breed them if

    you can't feed them!), I want a MAXI-ME ! , to be in the shadow of MASTERS, SAMUAL CLEMONS, GEORGE CARLIN,

    LENNY BRUCE, I am plying my troth befor thee.............can ANYONE direct me to a .....proper/ adiquit site to display my blog?
    And even if you can't? hahaha PLEASE read my blog,(and pass judgement?), "A Day In The Life/ lotuseker" as far as my

    life or time or .what ever allows me to be here. :) I really want to put my life out there!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's nothing in the blog!

  3. We've been over this. Please don't post again or we'll have to give you a "time out" from posting in the forums.

    Use the Self Promotion forum to promote yourself. Use the Search feature to get answers to your questions. We already told you that.

  4. [personal attacks removed by Trent]

  5. How about this one?

  6. Careful. You never know what you're exposing yourself TO in a new environment, do you?

  7. OH YES! PLEASE! PLEASE! teach me how to transpher my bolg to here? yes? no ? from BLOGSPOT. com
    or must i be sureptitious? hahahahaha

  8. RAINCOASTER? hahaha I have no fear of truth! at my age? u silly! i thank thee.. as long as i do NOT offend parameters? PLEASE! read my intro? hey, i am knocking on the DOOR to the other side and i just wish to find a site? to post my last hurrah.
    " a day in the life /lotuseker" , my blast hurah! , my life.... i do not wish to be obtrusive.
    u r good in ur stature. ur position. plese assit me in a site to post? gavi
    aw crap! i sound like an old man mind is active! and this straw is ................hahahaha clear to punch this keyboard? hahahhahaha

  9. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. This is a technical support forum, pure and simple. Please leave other discussions to your blog and not the forums please.


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