Ideas viz. a NON-Chronologically Based Blog

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    I have seen some themes/templates on WP which seem to provide a structure for a non-time-based blog, which is to say:

    A blog where the posts are NOT organized by post date, but rather, much like some photo/art blogs, have each post as a TILE which can be clicked to view the entire post separately.

    I’m interested however in using this format for a mainly TEXT based blog – the usage case being – I write many stories which are not-time dependent (like on philosophy topics), and which I don’t want to disappear into the ‘past’ section of the blog, but remain at the same ‘level’ as other posts.

    **Basically, I want posts to be treated equally visually rather than displayed chronologically, since they’re not time sensitive.

    1. I’m sure I can do this TECHNICALLY, but from a design perspective I’m wondering if anyone knows of any such blogs I could look at, or has any THOUGHTS.

    2. For example, creating such tiles for text entries I think might be problematic because it’s hard to condense a blog text title into tile, even if it includes an image.



    I don’t know how that would work as you explain it. Only X many post titles can fit in a screen; the rest have to go somewhere. Can you link to a blog where you see what you want?


    Well actually, I was looking for OTHER ideas on how to solve this design problem – but yes, I have seen several ways this can be dealt with.

    This is the theme for instance, I am considering using – note how the scrolling ability allow a non-chrono-hierarchy of posts to be displayed at the TOP of the page, without burying posts in the depths of the blog.

    Additionally, there are many photo-style blogs which have just a large panel of photo tiles in an infinite-scroll grid down the page (tumblr does this for instance). I can’t find an example off hand, but you can surely imagine that this isn’t difficult to achieve.

    The difficultly with this method here though is that as mentioned most of the material for said blog will be textual – it’s hard to get a text headline in a tile…

    The obvious solution is to just… use horizontal boxes instead of square, so that way blog titles/subtitles can be fully displayed, and can be condensed like an index to fit on the front page NON-sequentially.

    1. What I was really looking for was whether anyone had any design thoughts on blogs that aren’t organized by the post-date (again, tumblr does this a bit more effectively in some cases perhaps), but are rather separate “sticky notes scattered on a page” which you can click for the post.

    This is what I’m thinking of attempting to create – and I wanted to see if any more veteran designers had any ideas.



    Some of what you want to do might be a bit tough here

    You can make a Page and put your posts and links in any order you want and have links to the Posts – it’s in the Write a Book reference

    but you can sort Posts using Categories – then use a custom menu so visitors only see the Posts that have a specific Category

    On the opening page – using the Read More tag very viciously and having only a few lines of text showing for a Post makes it easy for visitors to page down and see what each Post is about – this is what I use on the site linked to my name – one opening picture and just enough text to flow around and under the picture – then the Read More Tag – I also use that on a friends site that I Admin –

    People want see the fresh content at the top – they don’t want to page down and down and down to see what is new

    Hope this helps a bit


    Yes Auxclass – that seems to be one simple way to deal with this.

    I suppose I have a slightly different usage interest, as the planned blog is a group effort and will not have a specific focus or topic, but will rather be an eclectic mixture of different posts with meta-tags attached to each.

    Additionally, we’re not expecting too many regular readers per se, since, for example, not every post will interest every reader, so I’m not concerned about ‘new’ content (since most of the readers will likely just be interested in a particular post (like an essay on a topic they’re interested in)), but more about being able to present a wide array of text immediately to a visitor to the site.

    But your advice about using the read-more tag wherever possible seems to be a necessity I will avail of.

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