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Ideation and Intent: Deleted pictures showing up in sidebar

  1. Hi. I find that when I attempt to replace a picture in a published post, both the old and new pic(s) show up in the sidebar. I now have one post with three versions of the same picture. How do I make the old ones go away?

    This is important to me not only because of the visual clutter, but also because my blog is supposed to be pseudonymous, and I didn't realize that the photo names would show up when the mouse hovers over the pics, so I need to replace them.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We're currently using the same theme on our news outlet. We've discovered this issue a few times, it's merely a glitch and only that. You can fix it by deleting the image completely from the "Gallery' updating the post itself, and then reuploading the same image to the post again (but only after the post has updated removing the images all together)

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