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    I’ve uploaded pictures to multiple posts on my blog:

    But the photos sidebar isn’t showing up. The pics appear in the blog’s media library, so not sure what else I could be doing wrong. Anyone have any hints at making that sidebar appear?

    The blog I need help with is



    From the theme’s Showcase page:

    A custom Images sidebar has been built into Ideation & Intent. This sidebar will display images from the latest 10 posts that have image attachments. Up to 8 images will be displayed for each post and each image links directly to the post it is attached to.

    I think the key here is “image attachments.” Did you upload those images to the post they appear in or directly to the Media Library?


    Yea, sorry for not being clear on that. I uploaded them to the post itself via the “Insert Photo” option when typing up the post (inserting them inline into the post), not adding them directly in the media library

    I assumed that resulted in the images being attached to their respective posts, but when I just went back to the media library, all images are showing unattached (which also explains why posts didn’t have a featured image). Is there another way of attaching images to a post when I’m writing the post that I’m missing?

    Incidentally, I went through and attached each image to its respective post, and now my last post shows a featured image along with a handful of its other images below it, but still no “Photos” sidebar.


    Spoke too soon as the sidebar not showing up after attaching the images, it’s there now :)

    I am curious about the attaching thing though. Is there a better way to ad images to the posts than using the “Insert Photo” button when writing a new post? Seems like a pain to then have to go in to the media library and attach them manually




    Inserting in a post is not the same as uploading to a post and unless the terminology has changed (I hope not!) the best way to attach an image to its post is by uploading it to the post where it will appear via the Add Media button in the Post/Page Editor.

    Why your images would have become unattached from their posts in the first place I am not sure, but as you rightly pointed out, it is possible to reattach them to their post in the Media Library.

    I’m glad to hear things worked out and it seems that the culprit was having the images become unattached.

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