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    Recently I read this post All About SEO on by Elizabeth.
    And especially this part about identical sites…

    Myth: Creating several identical sites about sailboats and making frequent use of sailboat-related terminology in my posts will help me get a lot of sailboat-related traffic.

    Fact: Google frowns on duplicate content, and if you have multiple identical sites, your search ranking will suffer for it. Also, while it’s a good idea to use accurate keywords in your posts and post titles, going overboard with so-called “keyword stuffing” will hurt your SERP rank. Strive for clear, natural-sounding writing that reads like it was intended for human ears, not search engine crawlers.”

    I had made two pretty much identical sites with duplicated content and (there are in greek).
    The klidaras is the first I’ve made and 2 months later i made the kleithron. Recently I started refreshing the second (kleithron), and I will change 90% of the content and the structure (post-category structure to page structure) and when I’m done I will delete permanently the other.

    My question is :
    Is it worth changing the existing site, as matter of SEO / Google aspect ? Or google already had “banned” that site/domain, so it is pointless struggling with that and creating something from scratch ?

    The blog I need help with is

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