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identicon problem?

  1. Are the new identicon generated avatars supposed to appear on the front of my blog? Because they dont, at least for me they dont. Am I doing something wrong with the way I checked everything off?

  2. Some themes may not show avatars at all.

    The new avatars are working for my blog, but prior to enabling this, I still saw the default avatar for the comments. This new feature just changes the default avatar to something else, so if you didn't see the avatars before now with your theme, enabling it won't change anything.

  3. It's not working for me. In fact, most recent comments aren't even appearing on my sidebar; where I have the recent commenters widget.

  4. I have recent comments in my sidebar that works just fine and every once in a while someone with a real avatar comments and it shows up just fine, otherwise I get the blank guy so I'm not sure why the identicons wont work for me...

  5. ophilia1,

    Are you talking about the "recent comment" widget avatars or the avatars on your post comments? I don't know if the identicons work on the "recent comment" widget, but they do work on the post comments area (at least on my site).

    I looked at your blog and your theme doesn't show any avatars (even ones that show up in the recent comments widget) for post comments (not on the widget, but on the post page).

    You could try switching to another theme and then look at a post with comments.

  6. Jamesewelch,
    Yes, I was talking about the recent comment widget. That's where they'd be the most visible, right? The only place I see them is in the comments section on my dashboard so they're only visible to me. And you're right, my theme doesnt show any avatars at all in post comments sections. I guess I misunderstood where they'd be visible.

    I dont want to switch themes though...unless you know of a 3-column with a header image and flexible width....

    Thanks for the help though :)

  7. Well, they're now showing on my recent comment widget. Before it was like you, Ophilia, only in the comment section under dashboard. So, maybe there was a lil hiccup & all is well, now?

  8. Yes, all is well now! ....Just like magic! And the recent comments look so much better with identicons next to them!

  9. sometimes it works for me, sometimes it just goes to the old avatar. i'm v v confused

  10. identicons disappeared tonight, a tiny square with a red cross is shown (typical when a picture cannot be displayed)

  11. But a minute after I wrote this they are back.))

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