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Identifying blog visitors

  1. I host a private blog, which obviously requires users to login with their username & password. I was wondering if there is anything in the works to be able to track by username who has visited my blog on any given day? I'd like to know who my main "traffic" is.

  2. I don't know about 'track by username', but if you add a free widget to your site (it can be invisible) that will track actual IPs of who visits your site. Those IPs can be labelled, too, so you will know who has visited and when and what page they've looked at. That's what I do.

  3. if you could persuade your readers to register with blogcatalog (and remember to log in there before visiting your site) you can track them that way by insertng the bc widget. :) but may not be so easy to get all of them to do so!

  4. Thanks..unfortunately, most of those registered for my blog needed me to set up their usernames and passwords. Somehow I don't think blogcatalog would work. I might give the a try.

  5. Hellomilo, statcounter is asking for an IP address to be blocked so those hits don't inflate the counter. Obviously, I would want that to include my own IP address. Where do I find that?

  6. Thank you

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