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identifying IP address

  1. Hi there, is there a way to track who this anonymous commentator is on my recent post. The IP address is

  2. No and that's why I never allow anonymous comments on my blogs.

  3. puts them in Auckland, NZ. But that's as much information as you're going to get.

    I'm like TT, I don't allow anonymous comments on my blog. You don't have to have a account, but you do have to put in a screen name and email addy.

  4. Sometimes just editing their comment and adding their IP address so everyone can see it will cause them to get nervous and go away. Maybe they assume it happens automatically, who knows? But as long as they go away.

  5. This gives you a bit, but not much, more:

  6. Just noticed is starting to limit lookups to what appears to be a half dozen a day. This after years of saying "I'll never limit..."

    I like using it because I can't run Putty from here at CPCC as the ports are blocked.

  7. I noticed that today too. It didn't pop up last night when I did the look up on that ip address above. I thought I was going nuts thinking there was some sort of lifetime limit I had reached. But I'm glad to hear it's just a per day limit not a weekly/monthly limit.

    I don't do much over there, but when I do it's usually a couple at a time.

  8. I leave a window open most of the day. :(

    Oh well. I'll see if there's somehting in the budget I can cut him. It's probably worth it.

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