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Identity crisis!

  1. I'm noticing that I'll be logged in as one user but when I comment on my own blog, it records me as my other identity. Very annoying. And the blue admin bar I can see while viewing raincoaster isn't the raincoaster admin bar at all but the wordguru one. I can get to my dashboard via the /wp-admin link, but not via the admin bar. Very annoying. I reported it in an email to support.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

  2. I assume you've done the cookie dance?

  3. What is cookie dance?

  4. I was having issues w/ the dashboard for about 2 days. I did the cookie dance, and everything else too. Everything else & cookie dance being - cleared cookies, cache, ran anti-virus, spybot, adaware, tried another browser (IE7 and Firefox), turned off and on scripts, off and on Java, signed on through another proxy... maybe I'm missing something, not sure. Eventually it just showed up again. Don't think I 'fixed' it, suspect it was the team up to something and eventually it showed up again. I never did contact support though. It was way-fun getting to know the computer so well :) All worth a try I guess. I got the dashboard back yesterday.

  5. I know. Trying to be schizophrenic is a full time job. :)

  6. Yes, I cookie danced till my little feet were sore. No dice. Haven't tried it today though.

  7. I experienced a similar thing when I first got my domain.
    A backend fix took care of it. IMO you need staff help.
    P.S. Have you noticed that others are reporting "blue bar" issues too?

  8. I still have issues with it and experienced this with my domain as well here. Staff for sure and let them know mine is screwed up as well ;) I have no admin bar in the forums.....


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