Identity Theft on Blogger

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    Okay, I was just checking my incoming links and noticed this link on my Blog Stats page:

    This dude stole my name, my tags and post links to advertise his pile of crap.

    What’s a lady to do here? I have seen this happen to others, but here I am with the same old story.

    Can someone assist me?

    Thanks so much



    This isn’t a issue because the blog is hosted elsewhere. Here’s the link with information as to what you can do about it
    Best wishes :)


    It’s a problem we all face at one time or another. I would go to blogspot’s site and see if there is a place where you can report abuse (copyright infringement, etc.). You may have to do a DMCA notification which is explained here:


    {waving to TT – there’s an echo in the forum}


    Thanks so much. I will follow up as suggested. :)



    You’re welcome and best wishes for a happy outcome. :)


    I added a comment on his/her site. I will see if I can report this to the Blogger people.



    That’s definitely the place to start.



    I am the author of the blog, and I did not mean to steal your name. If you don’t have anything to do with american Idol you should not have any problems. Since when can people own tags, or keywords?

    I can see if I stole website content from you, but I didn’t steal anything.

    Maam please point out the name, tags and post links that you claim I stole.

    I am sorry we couldn’t handle this in private. It would have been better than my blog being targeted for criminal behavior.

    I’m sorry for writing so much but I am as much upset as you.



    Im back one more time to say how childish of you to call someones blog a pile of crap. I ame 24 years old and I have better manner than that. How could a person of your age be so disrespectful. If you wanted me to take the page down all you had to do is is contact me, and said “hello sir or maam there seems to be unwanted incoming traffic from your blog to mine, and I’d like you to correct this situation”

    or you could have said “Sir even though someone came from your blog to mine, and I recieved a reader that I wouldn’t have had in the first place I’d like for you to take the link from your page to mine down”

    Last but not least “Sir will you take this site down” and bam it would have been gone.


    Perhaps you can go to her “about” page on her website and contact her via her posted email address since this is between the two of you and not a subject for this technical support forum.



    Thanks man. I just got a little upset at this elderly lady claimin that I stole her content. When there is nothin in common but the name or tags. I didn’t even know who this woman was until this forum showed up in my stats.



    Not a problem. We can all get a little excited when things like this come up (on both sides). Just set your resolve it out calmly.



    Its not fair to be slandered online. She does not even know what she is talking about.

    “identity theft” doesn’t that have to do with your ssn real name and other info.

    Mabey the transition from typewriters to pc’s was too confusing for her.


    Well, this isn’t for me to resolve and I expect it is simply an unfortunate misunderstanding. You’re simplest solution is to rename the post.


    Just so you know, the site in question has been deleted and this person did indeed steal pertinent information and links from and added it to a page on her site called Masterclass Lady.

    I stand behind my first and only opinion of this Blogger site and it has made me realize more than ever how firtuante I am to be part of the WordPress community.


    Sorry for the typo: I meant “fortunate”



    Maam you can’t even talk directly to me out of pride. You knaow I did not mean to harm you or your site, but you are to shame to rationalize.



    Sorry for the typo: I meant “know”



    Now that called stealing

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