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  1. Just here to promote my blog a little.
    Wrote a new post a few moments ago, a short one: Now that I can do: my goal for the next two weeks. I do enjoy setting myself these goals to feel like I'm achieving something.
    What I love about gaming is brief blog about...well exactly what it says in the title, as well about the journey of thought that I went through to decide what game i wanted to play.
    I originally made my blog to post my art and I do actually post art every now and again. I've got a couple of posts featuring samples of my photography, photomanipulations and traditional art.

    That's me done with my advertisment. I hope some people might take the time to look at my blog. If people enjoyed it, it would be even better but I can't hope for too much XD
    If anyone has similar blogs about art, anime, manga or gaming, I'd love to take a peek :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. An update in art form - newest blog post, featuring some art!

  3. Because these are the nights to realise you’ve forgotten how to do something you used to be able to do.
    I've decided to start an art based challenge and have recently posted a new piece of art. There's some old artworks in the post as well.

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