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  1. I can't post my adress "namnlö" into the "url-field" the "ö"-letter dissapear.
    Sorry im very bad at eng. I hope someone understand :)

  2. Has the domain registration run out? I cannot read swedish, but I think that is what this page is saying:

  3. That would be a bug because, even if it was expired, the poster is only trying to input the ö mark into the form. The system is not taking it.

    I'll send in a feedback and point this out to staff along with a link to this thread.


    edit: Hmm, I can't even put that character into google without it being translated to a regular 'o'.

  4. Mike, works in google for me - try:

  5. Strange, didn't before. Does now for me as well.

  6. domains are limited to the following characters: [-.a-z0-9]

    This may change in the future but it is not planned at this time.

  7. @andy: Sounds wierd, but okay.

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