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IE 7 and blog stats

  1. I think that IE7 is somehow hiding my ip and that my blog stats are adding my visits to my blog stats/visits. I use dsl service,if that helps. Is there anyway someone in admin can check this out and see for sure?

  2. Guess support is too busy today for this. Oh well...

  3. I think there may be something up with stats in general. I'm not sure if this is a result of my new domain at or not, but my referrer stats, forinstance, didn't change in the 12 hours between 5am and 5pm yesterday, and my hits overall are down by 30%. It's odd.

  4. What I have been experiencing is a increase in hits(I really should not be complaining about that). I did not change my domain and it seems like it started happening shortly after I installed IE 7. Although I cannot be certain if it started that day or a couple of days later.

    I just want to be sure my stats are accurate. Even if that means my hit count goes down.:(

  5. looks like nobody from admin is going to look into this...

  6. Best bet would be to send in a feedback from your Dashboard with a link to this thread. Sometimes even I have to do so to get an offical response. :)

  7. k, feedback sent.

  8. I don't think IE7 will be implicated. We have had many beta users of that browser and since it was launched there have been no other such issues.

    Raincoaster - I think there are too. I emailed you back.

  9. So, I guess I am being told that my stats are correct? Not a very clear answer here.

  10. I believe your stats are correct, yes.

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