I.E. 8 causing probnlems

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    Since loading Internet Explorer 8:

    #1. On the site (not logged in) I am getting a narrow open text box with flashing cursor.
    It will not accept numbers or letters.
    Above it is a “Cancel” button which does nothing.

    #2 On log in and going to “manage” there is a white space about half a screen deep where I would normally begin adding text.
    The “Save” button etc in the right hand column is as usual.

    http://staywarmworld.wordpress.com/ (Roger)


    IE8 is Beta, which means it isn’t finished, and in the past at least, WordPress has not done much of anything about browser compatibility until the browser comes out of Beta in final release forum. It’s like trying to hit a moving target.



    That was certainly the case with FF3. You should report the problems to Microsoft so they can fix them.


    I actually remember staff saying they would not make changes for Beta browsers when Safari 3 was in Beta.

    Interestingly, MS has been saying IE8 will be very web standard compliant, but the list of bugs keeps growing instead of shrinking. It’s now at 149. They have a long way to go.



    That’s my recollection too, tsp. I believe it came straight from Mark.

    149 is pretty buggy indeed, but I think they’ve been aiming for release near the end of the year. Sounds as if they will need that time.


    A few weeks ago, it was at 135, but 8 still has a ways to go to catch 7, which is at 167 and growing.

    Interestingly, FF 3 and Safari 3 are both only at 1 reported bug.

    I can’t help but wonder if MS simply cannot do “compliance”. I don’t know if it is in their genes.



    Just ran my blog through Google “Chrome” and everything works well there.
    That odd text box and its “Cancel” button on IE8 has now slipped down the page; so “bug” it is and I will just leave it be.
    Many thanks to you all for your advice. I will not mark this resolved right now to give chance for additional comment; but I am satisfied by what you have all said.
    Thank you… Roger (in daylight downunder)




    chirax: I had a flip through the linked page you gave me, thank you, but am unconvinced. For some years now I have been working for a large internet site in the States from diverse angles (author to webmastering) and have learned the percentage of users running only IE is far, far too great to ignore.
    From the purists point of view I understand and agree with what I take to be your angle on this. At the same time I need to work within IE constraints as well as being as sure as I can be that everything also runs on the other browsers (including Chrome, now). And, um, I kinda like IE, too (shame on me…).



    p.s. A + for IE8: It skips the log in page when the “Log In” link on the blog is clicked. One less step.



    Thanks for all the opinion and advice. I will mark my question as resolved. …Roger

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