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IE does not display correctly > Posts are displaced / FF ok

  1. Hi,

    when using IE, the elements of a post (headline, body of post-text, etc) are displaced to the left. Firefox works correctly.


    Not that I remember that I edited anything in the sourcecode. I just changed the header picture.

    Can anyone help?

  2. If you have access to your source code, I suspect you are using (selfhosted)? and not, and would need the forums over at for help. users don't have access to source code.

  3. Sorry, I don't mean sourcecode. What I meant was css or anything else.
    But this is not the point.

    Please have a look at the site with 1.) Firefox and 2.) Internet Explorer

    Then you'll see what I mean. Sorry, can't describe better.

    Any hints and replies are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  4. Different browsers view webpages differently. I've viewed my own blog using the link I'm getting ready to provide you and I've since decided not to ever see it ever again. I just don't want to know. I'll never sleep.

    You'll have to tinker with it is all I can say. You can see how your site looks in many browsers, using this. Now you'll be really, really upset.

  5. This

    is a non-modified standard hosted blog and I assume that it is nonetheless build for the most used browser: Internet Explorer.

    Please have a look at the site with IE and you'll see.

    Can anyone help? THANKS!

    - Andreas

  6. No, actually is optimized for Firefox, probably because that's what the guys who built it use. Since it's such a simple blog, it should work just fine in both browsers. I'd report the difference to staff.

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