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IE Flaw Access to Facebook, Gmail, Twitter Accounts

  1. Yuck. Internet explorer.

  2. I'm a Firefox user myself. I just use other browsers to help people. I don't want to see those who use IE be unaware of this vulnerability and have their session cookies stolen.

  3. I always liked IE, but recently went to Chrome, and hate when I have to switch back

  4. Yeah, Ive always known IE wasnt safe. Im a chrome and safari user. Mainly safari though.

  5. No browser can ever be perfect.

  6. You're right TT, I've used browsers going back to the original Mosaic, and they all have pluses and minuses... I like IE a ton, but work mostly on my little netbook, and Chrome seems to run faster...

  7. You used the forerunner to Netscape! Woah! I thought you were much younger. ;)

  8. Nope, I'm old... I was in grad school when I used it!

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