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IE formatting problem: HUGE FONTS on main page


    In Firefox, everything is fine. In IE 7, the sidebar fonts are way too big! and the fonts from the posts are increasing in font size. However, when I click on a particular post, the fonts are back to normal. Strange. Any ideas on fixing this problem? Thanks!


  2. Here's a screenshot of what the main page looks like in IE 7

  3. If you scroll down, do some posts show an unusual font size as well?

  4. You have open < h3 > tags. It looks like you are using them for the "continue reading" at the end of your posts, and since it is on the "more" tag, the ending tag ends up not being on the front page.

  5. Yes, the font for the below posts get increasingly bigger and bigger.

  6. 'thesacredpath', you are so right! I went into my posts and saw that I had
    instead of

    Thanks for the help!

  7. You're very welcome, and happy blogging.

  8. Hi folks,

    JP here for Gerry Spence...Fonts are completely whacked out - take a look:

    And I am not sure why...any ideas? Can you please help?

  9. How do you write and publish your posts? No copy-paste from word, I hope?

    ( )

  10. Hi boblets,

    JP from Diablogue here for Gerry....yes, I think you hit the nail on the head. :) I just deleted the Word-pasted post in question and all went back to normal.

    Thanks much!

  11. JP, on the extended tool bar (the bottom one in the visual editor) there is a white square icon with a "W" on it, which is a "paste from word" icon. Click on that icon and then paste the text from Word into the window that appears and then click "insert" and it should take care of most of the strange code Word uses that causes the issues.

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