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    My page is fine in Firefox and Safari…but strangely distorted in IE. Can someone please advise me on what to do? I’ve tried deleting all images thinking that the sizing was throwing things off…but that didn’t do it. Thanks in advance…


    As a start, try removing your widgets from your sidebar and then putting them back in one-by-one and saving and then viewing the site after you add each one. If and when you find the one that causes the theme to break, that is the one with the problem.

    What are you using to write and prepare your posts? I’m seeing Apple specific coding I don’t normally see if you were using the wordpress editor.



    Well that did the trick…one of the text boxes I was using was messing it up. Here’s the coding I used…see anything I’m doing wrong?

  • My Photos

Put the coding between backticks – the key to the left of the #1 key (has the ~ on it.



forgive my inexperience…when you say put it between backticks…do you mean like this?

<li><a href=''>My Photos</a></li>



so the backticks didn’t even show up when I just put that…I put one before the <li> and one after the

is this what you meant? I’m a rookie…sorry.



ewww…I’m gonna stop because those backticks are screwing up everything I type. haha, embarassing. sorry.


Take the li tags off of it and I think you should be fine I think.

PS: The backticks are so that the system will show the code placed between them rather than interpreting it. It worked correctly.



sweet action…HUGE thanks! appreciate you taking the time to help me resolve my issue. love wordpress!


You’re very welcome, happy blogging.

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