IE problem with sidebar in “Ocadia 1.1”

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    If you take a look at my blog ( in IE, the sidebar is broken (appears at the end of the blog, instead of the side).

    I’m at a loss as to why this is happening. It doesn’t seem to be an image length problem (

    IE gives the following javascript error:
    Line: 37
    Char: 3
    Error: ‘document.getElementById(…)’ is null or not an object
    Code: 0



    Not a clue on this one. Quickest way to tell normally is clicking through to the individual posts to see which one breaks the layout but, in your case, they’re all broken.

    The site fails the html check because fo the placement of that live search javascript but I have a feeling that’s something staff has in there.

    Ocadia has had a number of issues in the past with WPMU. 1.3 will not work at all on a WPMU install.

    I’d send in a feedback with a pointer to this thread. Maybe staff can see something wrong.



    I am using the same theme too and I had the same error javascripts in IE BETA. But the sidebar looks perfect to me, no dropping on the bottom of the page. I guess you can just use FF browser?



    It isn’t a prob with me seeing the site :) more my users.

    I’ll switch themes for the time being.

    one more reason to get the CSS upgrade

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