IE users – Is There A Fix For The Sidebar? Theme “Andreas04” (I use FF)

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    I ran a search, and could not find the answer.
    And, … for all IE users, … “Please Switch To Firefox!” :)

    I do use Firefox, but would like to try a fix with the sidebar issue and for those who refuse to switch from IE.

    The sidebar for Andreas04 and while using IE (5.2), does not appear until you have scrolled to the end of the existing posts.

    Is there a quick fix for this?
    If it is to much of a PITA for me, … then I will let the IE users just deal with it!!

    Thanks gang,



    Not all IE users can run Firefox, thanks. My computer won’t run it. The solution is for those who can afford computers that run Firefox and who wish all their readers to run it as well to buy those readers a hardware upgrade.



    It seems there might be an issue in the sidebar widget that has your images in it. Can you remove it temporarily and see what happens?

    I’m on IE at the moment and will be able to check if you let me know when it’s gone. :)



    Very quickly, looking again, it might be something on your “stats – WordPress” widget. There was a strange list dot appeared and then disappeared.



    Not sure which threads you’re looking at because I know I usually state what the problem is and have never suggested folks to switch browsers. That is not an acceptable answer for a support question with the exception of Safari users trying to use the WYSIWYG editor. That issue has been documented as an issue with the browser and it’s lack of support.

    I do see two issues though.

    1) It may be your browser. Last time I looked, I knew Microsoft put div tag support into their browser somewhere in the version 5 line. I know I can’t see my own site with IE5.0 because of that issue. You may be hitting that.

    2) Wideness. Usually the issue with the sidebar dropping is because something’s too wide within the blog. I’m looking at this post for example. It is wider than the space set aside for the posts. Usually when IE hits something like that or a link that’s too wide, it will force the sidebar down under the posts. For example, in this post, your sidebar is fine.

    Hope this helps,


    Sorry bout that RC. I thought just about everyone could use FF.
    Oh well!!

    Cornell, I will move the “Stats – WordPress” widget and the “Images” widget here in a moment to see what happens.




    Dr Mike, I was looking at the first post in this thread; it’s since been toned down a bit. I’m certainly not refusing to use Firefox: I prefer it, but I cannot run it on the computer I currently have.



    Please see my post up above for the solution. :)



    Rain, I have no issue with what browser is being used. You may have noted that I’ve never told folks to switch unless there is a legimate reason to do so.

    Please remember that I was stuck with Netscape 7.0 for quite sometime. :)


    I understand what you mean about something causing the “forcing down” of the sidebar.
    How would I determine though that something may be “to wide” and may be causing this to happen?
    That’s confusing me now!



    Your solution above will not work drmike. I am seeing the issue with IE6 and it’s only part of the sidebar that’s split. The rest sits ok.

    I have taken two screenshots:

    These show some strange UL type dots, one within the sidebar, the other at the bottom of the main content area.

    Unfortunately I can’t see what’s causing it.



    I think David was referring to the staff thread that suggesting upgrading the browser that was floating around a few months ago.


    From my screen here and with IE 5.2, I get this with the dots and lines along with the sidebar at the bottom of the journal.


    Oh yeah, … and I do appreciate what you guys have done and continue to do for us all!
    Did not mean to rub anyone the wrong way, … I think! :)






    Mike (I’m sorry, I don’t know why I called you David earlier!)

    I still think it’s something in one of your sidebar widgets rather than post content that’s doing it.

    Having just looked in IE from home (rather than work), I have managed to copy the display you showed above.

    The only thing that I can see right now is that the icons starting with list appear to flow, there’s no line break between the images.

    Try putting &nbsp; <br /> after the IMG url for each image in the widget. It will force a line break and might solve the problem.

    Fingers crossed!


    Thanks Cornell,
    Well, that did not help much at all with the IE buggaboo, but at least I know now how to seperate those buttons! :)

    I will continue to keep a watch out for any quick fixes with IE, … but not very hopeful with it!

    Thanks again buddy,



    Hey, no worries. :)

    Can you try something? Change the status of this post:

    to draft to temporarily get it off the homepage?

    Reason is because the image looks too wide and is hanging over the right hand edge.

    See what happens. We’ll get this sorted, it’s bugging me now!

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