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    At some point between 1730 and 1800 British time today 1st July 09 this blog stopped rendering Redoable lite correctly in IE6. It’s fine in Firefox.

    IE6 is still quite widely used so we’d liek to get this sorted. As you can see the padding between the right hand col is screwed up somehow.

    In the ‘Edit CSS’ option I’ve changed the ‘limit width to’ setting for our main column to no effect.

    Thanks for your help,


    The blog I need help with is



    Well it turns out that what happened was that extra widgets — ‘links’ and ‘meta’ — had been added tot he right sidebar in the WP widgets section.

    The only work that was goign on at the time was someone going through the ‘preview’ option for the WP free hosted themes . . . none of the themess was activated…preview only . Maybe this reset our widget list?

    Anyway. I write this up inc ase others experience the same problem.

    Is IE6 support on going to remain ? Maybe we should be looking to get rid of IE6 support?


    IE6 is over 9 years old and in internet years, that is several millennia. It has security holes you can drive a truck through sideways and there are a lot of things on the internet right now that it just does not support. I’m developing several sites right now and I’ve decided, like many developers, to not worry about supporting IE6 any longer.

    I strongly suggest either upgrading to at least IE7 (if you can) or switching to Firefox or Chrome or Safari.

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