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    I’m having a very difficult time getting my blog columns to render the same way in IE6 vs. IE7. I build the blog with custom CSS using IE7 but have recently viewed the page in IE6 and it looks different, mostly related to the first column and its position underneat the header image.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you.



    There isn’t a whole lot you can do except tell folks to use IE7 or Firefox. IE6 is simply problematic.



    Vivian, thats not true at all.

    You should have the same look in IE6 as you do in 7.

    spinellimd, the simple solution is make sure you are adjusting the right class in CSS.

    If you think you are and its still not working, create a new div container, and put outside the div container you need.

    In your CSS:
    .test {
    margin-top: #px;
    margi-left... etc.
    .youcorrectcontainer {
    code code code
    In the new CSS container, dont copy and paste everything, just put in positioning code.

    In your php file, you should have this…
    <div class="test>

    <div class="yourcorrectcontainer">INFO HERE</div>


    Before going this route, make sure you are adjusting the right CSS div container in your style.css file.

    Hope it makes sence.



    @b15ginz, that answer is useless to people in this forum since at we don’t have access to the php files.

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