ie8 semi-transparant posts menu order?

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    i read a lot online about the ie8 problems with z-indexing in combination with transparant post backgrounds.

    I tried a lot but is there a clean working code for having background tranparancy of posts and menu with having the right z-index?

    Meaning the menu’s fall on top of the “post” backgrounds?

    I got everything working in ff and chrome, but ie8 doesn’t work.

    i use this syntax for the menu:

    ‘.homemenu { background: #000 url(images/menu/menushade-dark.png) repeat-x 0 bottom; color:#fff; opacity:.8;
    filter:alpha(opacity=80); position: relative;
    z-index: 9999;/* For IE8 and earlier */’

    and this for the posts:

    ‘.entry-wrapper {
    background: purple; opacity:.8;
    filter:alpha(opacity=80); position: relative;
    z-index: 100; /* For IE8 and earlier */’


    IE8 doesn’t show the submenus and no transparancy and no order, submenus on top.!!

    Is there a simple solution?




    Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question knowing that all CSS editing is theme specific at



    i cannot post it at the moment, I work in instant wordpress, before uploading



    I do not help with CSS editng. Staff do so please be patient while waiting and know that they will need to know which theme you are working with.


    This part is incorrect: url(images/menu/menushade-dark.png)

    You need to use an entier URL starting with http:// in the url() function inside your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page. Can you try fixing that part first?


    How’s it going? Do you still need help?



    What is “instant wordpress”. The free hosted blog linked to the username is devoid of blogger posted content and this frorum is only for providing support to those who bought the custom deign uograde for their free hosted blog. I have been trying to learn some CSS on the side. Now I am confused. Which free hosted blog is being CSS edited here?


    Oh, I have no idea! :) I just noticed they had a mistake in their CSS syntax.



    I think it may be this >


    Maybe the advice to check the url() syntax helped them. :) And if they come back, we’ll ask for a URL. I just didn’t think to ask before is all.



    In my case requesting the URL has become automatic. If you want to enter a wager then I’m willing to bet cold hard cash that this thread does not pertain to a free hosted blog with a custom design upgrade. Wanna bet? ;)


    Nope. :) I’m sure you’re probably right. I just didn’t think to ask on this one!

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