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    Yesterday (Thursday 10/07/2010) I downloaded and installed the IE9 Beta browser, as WordPress seems to be promoting the new features a lot.

    I liked the (very slight, but noticable) speed increase, but when i went to post to my blog, i had some major issues with formatting of my text and paragraphs.

    Similar to these short paragraphs, I like to leave a little bit of WHITE SPACE between my paragraphs for ease of reading. By default (In IE8 and Firefox) when you press ENTER in the Post box a full open space is alotted for the paragraph separation (html “P” tag). Similarly, by default, pressing SHIFT+Enter simply creates a single space (html “BR” Tag).

    What I found is that with IE9 Beta no matter how you type your post, it resets all paragraphs to single spacing. When I looked at the HTML code, it had set all paragraphs and line breaks as individual DIV enclosures.

    So I spent a good 5 minutes replacing the DIV enclosures with appropriate P tags and BR tags where they were needed, as I am fluent with html. Then I clicked UPDATE to change the post to reflect the formatting I wanted.

    Lo and behold, when the screen refreshed, everything I had done in the html side of the post editor was RESET TO DIV TAGS again!

    While I am aware that HTML 5 has a lot of new features and rules, why would IE9 Beta work that way with wordpress — changing the line spacing from standard P and BR tags to individual DIV containers?

    I have switched back (uninstalled the IE9 Update) to IE8 and everything is now working just fine again with the paragraph spacing.

    I have no idea whom I should send this information to, but I hope that it is resolved before the final version of IE9 is complete and released as a (mandatory?) MS Update…

    The blog I need help with is


    Try this: Open one of the posts, select everything in the post and then from the “format” pulldown (dropdown on left end of lower row of editor icons) select paragraph. It could be that for whatever reason the editor got set to something else.

    If that doesn’t work, then the important term here is “BETA.” Beta software is by definition not finished and almost always has bugs. WordPress and other developers are reluctant to chase bugs in beta browsers because it’s like chasing your own tail – or chasing the software manufacturer’s tail. You fix something, then the software manufacturer fixes it and then you have to fix your software to take care of their fix.

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