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If Adsense Could Be Allowed On WordPress, How Happy Would You Be?

  1. Currently WordPress does'nt allow third-party adverts on its blogs, accept on customed-blogs. But if they were to allow for such ads, how happy would you be. I for one would appreciate it very much! What about you?

  2. I would be SIGNIFICANTLY unhappy. Nothing says "pit of money-grubbing losers" like a network festooned with suppurating entrails of Adsense.

  3. I'd be pissed off.

  4. I'd be annoyed. I like an ads-free WordPress.

  5. That's why I hate blogger.

  6. invisiblemikey

    I'm with all the others. I understand why WP needs to place ads on our blogs sometimes, to defray the cost of free hosting, but all the time? That would totally suck.

  7. You don't seem to be aware that dumped Adsense advertising anf skimlinks from this site and it's highly unlikely they will do as suggest. I have protected my visitors from being exposed to any advertising of any kind by purchasing No-Ads upgrade. For professional and/or business blogs I always recommednd that the blogger do the same.

  8. What Raincoaster said.

    Don't drink the Google-Aid, folks.

  9. @arizonad - ROTFLMAO! Google-Aid..... love it!

  10. If we cannot use adsense, then how do we monetize our blogs? That is if WordAds won't take our blog.

  11. You don't and it's that simple.

  12. If you're in to blogging for the money, you're in the wrong profession.

  13. Wait, isn't that comment by ardpete, an oxymoron?

  14. No. I'm in blogging for the money, and I think I should have chosen something more lucrative, like rag picking.

  15. @raincoaster
    Well said. :)

  16. By the way, as someone who is currently hosting WordAds on my site, I have to say while the extra cash is nice ... it's not much. I honestly think @raincoaster is on to something with the rag picking idea.

    Heck, we could probably sell it as a show on The History Channel!

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